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Black Gentlemen 
How to Meet Me

I only send this page out to black gentlemen who have expressed an interest in meeting me.  I want to be very up front with you on who I am interested in and who I will not be interested in hooking up.  If you are on this page,  I have sent this to you to easily learn how to meet and hook up with me.   If you are reading this, I am not blowing you off, I am simply giving you the way that I play in the lifestyle.   Please know that I am in the Hotwife Lifestyle.  For me that means I like to have sex with different men.  Usually black men.  I am only looking for sexual fun,  I am not looking for chat buddies, or hanging out.   It is all about meeting me, maybe drinks, then sex.   I do also love to go to BBC parties.  

If you found me on Twitter or FB, there is no need to message me there if you want to meet me, because, due to the amount of messages I get,  I need help in monitoring and responding to messages those sites.  So, it may not always be me answering those.  Mostly it is, but if I am busy, my husband does keep them updated.  But I alone see my messages on SDC and SLS.  Read on for that.

SO, you want to hook up with me. Great, Here are four ways on how to meet me. 

Set up a date with me.  I use SDC or SLS to discuss and set up one on one dates.  My name there is Tara4Fun.  I look for tall black gentlemen who are well dressed, intelligent and are non-smokers.  If you smoke, that is a deal killer.  I am not interested.  I prefer gentlemen over age 40.  If you are in your 30's you must be exceptional and mature.  If you are in your 20's, I won't do a date with you.  I also ask that you be a established, paid member of Swinger Date Club  or Swing LifeStyle with a full profile with face pictures.   I specify paid for a members because, I pay for a membership myself in order to weed out undesirables. If you are going to be serious about being in the lifestyle, then you need to be on a site that caters to that and has screening abilities.   I don't want to waste my time with broke guys who don't understand the importance of being vetted by a secure site. Also, getting a trial membership then cancelling won't work.  Guys that understand and are serious about the lifestyle get this.   So, if you are serious and meet what I am looking for, message me there. (Links below)

Random Meetup,   My husband and I go to venues usually in Tampa for nights out.  He likes me to dress very sexy and specifically to attract men.  We go to Cigar Bars because we like the laid back atmosphere and have found Cigar Castle in Tampa to be one of our favorites.    If you see me out, you have a green light to approach me even if I am sitting with my husband.  We are into it, so it's all cool.      If we hit it off,  we can go to a hotel, or sometimes, just bend me over in our vehicle.    No romance, just fuck me.    (Feel free to let me know of other locations you would like to see me at)  

I do parties and club fun.   I prefer parties that are organized with groups that I already know.  I am a member of the G00dfellaz Organization and I attend their parties regularly.  They have parties in the Tampa area that I attend and also in Ft Lauderdale.  These are monthly Hotwife/BBC parties.  Parties designed for white married/single women to hook up with gentlemen of color.  They only accept guys that are experienced in the lifestyle and understand and follow their rules.   


Also, I attend swinger clubs in Central Florida.  I try to visit those when they advertise "hotwife parties" or "interracial parties."    I won't give out exact dates I am going unless I have already met you.  I never want to have someone show up at a party thinking I am a sure thing for them and that is the reason they drove 60 miles.   But the information I just gave you will tell where to find me, or other hotwives like me.


By telling you this, does not guarantee we will play at a party.  Many things are usually going on at parties and we just may not connect.  The great thing about the parties, is that even if we don't hook up,  there are plenty of other women that will be there who will.  SO, don't drive JUST to be with me.  


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The G00dFellaz

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