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How to have a

fun chat with TARA

Hi guys,  I wrote this to give you the best chat experience I can.  Please understand I have 5000 friends on Facebook and thousands more follow me on my Facebook Pages and other social media platforms.  It is simply impossible to keep hundreds of chats going with many guys who message me.  SO, I created a Top 10 list of Tips/Rules that if you observe them,  you will always have a great chat experience with me.  . 


1.  Read my Facebook Profile and About Me page before messaging me.  Know who I am before messaging me. I have links to my websites both the free ones and premium ones.  I have spelled out many FAQ's and who I am interested in.  When guys start to chat,  I know the ones who didn't bother to read this or my profile.  And honestly, I usually will give you a chance to review, but if you start questing saying it cost money (It doesn't) or something like that.  I won't have any time for you.

2.  Always have something to say.  Do not send "Hey" "Hi's" Hello's or What's up.  If you want to message me, Introduce yourself, and tell me right up front why you are messaging me.   Get to the point.  Please don’t send me an email asking how I am.  Although it’s nice of you to inquire about how I am, but repeatedly having to answer, “I am fine, how are you?” is very tedious and bores me quickly.   If you want to tell me something, say it right away, don’t lollygag around.  The reason I am on these sites is I am promoting my websites and am not interested in talking about the weather.  


3.  I make adult content for sale.   I sell videos and pictures and uncensored chats.    If this bothers you or you are the type of guy that goes to a strip club and never tips the dancer, then honestly, it's best that you do not message me.   Feel free to comment on any of my posts. I do love that and usually will respond there.  But private conversations are like private dances.... keep that in mind.

4.  SEX Chat  (Sexting).  I don't mind one or two general questions about sex.  But if you are not member of one of my sites, I will not be doing the XXX chat with you. This includes you sending any nude pictures to me.   If you want more hot chat with me, subscribe to my Onlyfans Page or do a donation or tip.   This will open up our chat for more fun.  If you try to sext me without being a subscriber or a tipper, I may warn you once then block you if you continue.  

5. Pictures - If you are going to send me a picture of you.  Make sure it is a clothed picture (shirtless is ok), clear pic with a smiling face.  Crop out clutter.   I hate bathroom selfies.  Sending one of those lowers your appeal to me.    If you send a dick picture without asking first,  I will block you. 

8.  Use grammar that I can understand.  I am a 50 something year old married, grown woman, not a teenager.  I am a professional insurance agent, so using good grammar and language shows manners, and that goes a long way with me.  If you’re a gentleman, I will respond to you nicely.  I am not your “hun, boo, baby, or whatever”  I chat in English Only.  


9.  My website members get priority.  If you want to chat with me on a ongoing basis, you should be a member of one of my websites.  Click here for the list of websites.  No, you do not have to be a paying member to chat with me.  But let's be honest.  Guys that are paying members, supporters, tippers are always going to get priority and the best experience.  That's the way it is in life.  If a waitress knows you are a good tipper, she will give you much better service.  Right?  Same here.  If you are cheap and want to see something without being supportive, don't message me.

10.  Just wanting a free picture?   Lets save us both time.  In the menu, there is my free gallery.  If you want something specific, like a pose, or certain view?  Make a donation.  I don't ask for a huge amount, but I feel if you want something special from me, like any service, you get better results being a generous tipper.



Bonus Tip.  If you have a common name like John, Adam, Bob, Mike etc.  Make your message stand out by adding an additional name.  (your last name, or just something that makes it unique)  Instead of John, try " John from Dallas" as your return name, so I can quickly associate you.

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