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 Are you a cuck, sissy, or submissive interested in meeting me live?

I am now meeting with selected cucks, sissies, and submissives live at a pub in Citrus County Florida. 

You must be a subscriber to my OnlyFans or a VIP member on this website.

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Meets are for lunches or afternoon drinks.  Usually about an hour.  I limit these meets to one a week.

My husband may be there, so expect to meet him also.   Don't worry, he loves to meet other cucks and show off Tara.  

Expect to be teased.  I like to dress in short skirts and see thru tops.   However, there is no sex with cucks.  This must be very clear before you decide to make a visit to Citrus County.

What is the Cost?    There is no charge for meeting me.  However, it is expected that you will pick up the tab at the pub for food and drinks.   If you want to bring a gift or gift card for me to use, that is always appreciated.  

If you are select to meet me, you will get the name of the pub, and the agreed time.   The best times for these meets are Mon-Thurs 12 to 6 PM.   

So, I look forward to meeting you.  Lets set it up.     
Do not message me about it on OnlyFans!!!!!

Instead,  Send a direct message to me on Facebook or Twitter

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