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Tara's Cuckold Page

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Cuckboi Scott
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Little Billy
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Cuck Jimmy
I prefer cages on.

Preferred Donations:

I also like gift cards from Amazon     Tara’s Wish List

I get lots of request from Cucks, submissives, and sissy’s who are wanting me to cuckold or domme  them in one way or another.  This is your page.


If you are serious about being one of Tara’s Cucks or a VIP Cuck, please read on.

Fill out the form COMPLETELY to be considered.    


All Cucks need to be members of my website.  This shows commitment and desire to serve.

Become a Member  (Silver or above)

Cuckold Openings are available for Friday and Saturday nights.

I need cucks to assist me when I go to Fantasyland or to other lifestyle clubs in the Tampa and Orlando areas.


Duties and requirements:

  • Wear an approved cock cage when in my presence.  

  • Will be responsible for carrying all my "supplies"  lubes, condoms, towels, etc.

  • will be responsible for preparing any room I choose for play.

  • will follow the direction of my Bulls.

  • will serve as clean up boi and or fluffer if requested

  • While play is going on will sit quietly in the corner awaiting instructions.

***Coming Soon***

  • Key Holder Service

  • Live in my home Cuck Training Sessions

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