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Welcome Facebook users

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Loyal Fans - Has a free area to join and follow me.  Subscriptions ($5.99) are optional.  LoyalFans does show many of my uncensored posts.

OnlyFans - Onlyfans is my oldest subscription site.  It is $5.99 a month.  ​

Patreon  - Choose your level starting at $2 a month.

I get a lot of guys that will say they won't be joining any sites at all.  Ok, I have to say that if you won't even join the free LoyalFan site just to show some support for me, then honestly, I don't need you following me anywhere and I don't need any messages on FB or anywhere. I feel If you are wanting something from me, whether it's chat, pictures, or whatever, then I expect something from you.  

Many of my Facebook friends and followers want to chat with me, learn about me and become chat friends.  I do love to chat, but I have to limit my time on FB messenger.  Please understand that my FB profile was created to express my sexual lifestyle and promote my subscription sites.   I create XXX Adult Content (Pics and Videos) and I post them on various sites including Twitter, PornHub, and XHamster.  I also have subscription sites that I make a few $ on.

My subscription sites is where I do my "hottest" chatting.  I send out personalized videos, audios and do pic requests there.  

If you want to do continued chats with me on FB, please join one of the following sites. 

Are you ready for just you and me in uncensored chat.  Choose one of my sites to join.  Or if you just don't like joining a website, I also accept direct tips thru CashMe or Venmo.


 If you are not interested in chatting, I understand.  Thank you for learning about me.

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You may tip using the following.  


I am not interested in joining a site or tipping. 

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