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Tara's Facebook VIP Group Chat

My VIP Group Chat is for my generous supporters who are subscribers to my OnlyFan's, LoyalFans and/or regular tippers for my "too hot for Facebook" pictures and videos.

If you are in VIP Group Chat, expect to get all my posts that are cropped or censored in their uncensored format.   As well as random links to my full amateur videos I cannot post on FB.   Being in the group chat, you may still message me individually.   The group chat is a tool for me to blast out uncensored pics to all my guys at once and saves a lot of time and ensures you don't miss out.

To be accepted in my VIP chat, you need to be one of the following:

1.  Subscriber to my OnlyFans or LoyalFans and be a regular tipper. 

2.  Use my CashMe app and set up a recurring donation of $5 or more a month.

Instructions for CashMe.

  My CashMe ID is $Tara4Fun

In the note section list your FB name.   I will have you added within 24 hours.$Tara4Fun

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