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One of the most common request I get after guys subscribe to one of my sites is.  "Do you fuck your fans?"  For some reason, many guys think that if they pay $5 a month to be a part of my site or onlyfan site, or maybe make a small donation they get sex privileges.  Lets think this out.   I have hundreds of subscribers.  If I even considered having sex with my fans as part of their subscription, that would be all I would do every day. Not to mention illegal. 

Guys, check yourselves. Just because you pay the cost of a sandwich every month that does not entitle you meet me.    Then I may hear "how about I pay for it?"  Again, guys, I am not an escort.  If you want to pay for sex, ask and I will refer you to a well known escort site.  You can spend $600 to $1000 and you will probably get some. 


The funny thing is that I get this request mainly from guys have not tipped a dime on any of my posts.  But they are the ones who constantly try to get me to meet them or tell them where I will be.  Is this you?  If you are an onlyfan, go check your account and see how much you have tipped or supported me with.  Or have you tipped via cashme, or amazon?   If it is zero, or barely a 10 spot, do you really think I am going to be interested in meeting you?

Now,  I do offer Meet and Greets for my subscribers.  This is where you are invited to meet me live in a pub, gentleman's club or other public location in a group setting with other subscribers.  "Do I have sex at the Meet and Greets."   No, this is a public meet, Applebees tends to frown on it's customers having a gangbang there.  Now, have I ever met someone at a meet and greet and was attracted enough to have sex?   Yes,  but it is totally outside of the meet and greet and it is never guaranteed that you or I may be interested.  Although it is not policy, or something I do all the time.  If I have a VIP supporter that may be passing thru my area and i have the time,  I may meet them at a local restaurant, a truck stop close to where I am or someplace like that for an in person hello and maybe a drink.  If they are a big supporter, I don't mind at all meeting them live.  But these guys understand the limits I can do at something like that. 

So.  I hope this answers one of my most common questions.  If you have a question, please feel free to contact me.

Kisses, Tara

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