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If you are on this page, You are wanting to know how to meet me live.   

There are a few ways to do this.  

1.  Meet me at a club or meet & greet.  Read my posts on my OnlyFans Page.   I sometimes put on OnlyFans where I am going, like a Bike Rally, a Festival, or something like that.  This is an open invention for any of my followers to say hello to me at an event.  Basically get to introduce yourself, talk to me and my husband a few minutes and get a picture. Get an invite when I am having a meetup.  If you are a subscriber on my onlyfans page and have your rebill turned on, you will get messages from me usually weekly about what I am up to.  And usually every couple of months of so, I will have a meetup around Tampa, or a city I am visiting.  Join my onlyfans.

2.   Hosting/Sponsoring Weekend Trip.   If you are in a city that I are visiting and want to sponsor or cover the cost of my accommodations.  I will be happy to have a drink with you.   We regularly visit Daytona, Orlando, Tampa several times a year to have fun.   And we are open to consider any location depending on the offer.  You cover the cost for a miniumum of two days at a nice hotel and I will meet you at the hotel bar for margaritas.  

3.   Running into me Locally by chance.  


I don't make it a secret in what area I live.  So if you are in the Tampa/Ocala or in between, it's quite possible that you may see me at a motorcycle rally, restaurant, or even out shopping for groceries.  If you do see me and you wish to say hello, sure that is fine,  If I am with my husband,  It would be appropriate for you to speak to him first, especially if you are a biker.  He will then be happy to introduce you as a follower from whatever site you mention.  Offer to buy my husband a drink and that will get you in good with him.


If I am by myself, Keep in mind that there are crazies out there, and I look at anyone approaching me as a stalker,    So keep a distance and just mention my name (Tara?) and if I respond positively, then you can then approach and let me know who you are and where you saw me.  Keep your conversation in the public area, discreet, and respectful.  You will have a good conversation.   Do not approach me if I am at my vehicle.  That would be a mistake.   SO, follow these guidelines and you will retain your balls intact and have a nice conversation. 

4.  Make Content

Now that social medial has  everyone making content, don't expect me to do that with you.   All of my videos are not set up or done to get content.  I am a real hotwife.  I was before OnlyFans and I still do it for the enjoyment.  So, don't ask me to make content.  Save that for the girls who do it every day all day.


DISCLAIMOR:  I am not an escort and do not sell any sexual favors. No sex acts are implied or guaranteed at any of my meetups. Any paid meets are business related only for lifestyle consulting.    Donating or providing accommodations is a no strings attached arrangement.

Meet Tara in person

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