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Tara's Pictures & Videos

Have my uncensored pictures and videos sent to your social media messenger directly.  

Just tell me what you want and I will put together a custom package just for you.

1  to 5 uncensored picture         $5
10 uncensored pictures               $7
20 uncensored pictures              $10
50 uncensored pictures              $15

1 video                                                      $10
5 video package                                $20
Long Gangbang Video plus
multi pack GB photos                      $30

small bundle (1 Vid & 10 pics)      $13
BiG Bundle (5 videos &50 pics)  $29

ALL VIDEOS for one price.              $99

Personalized shoots and videos available. 

Starting at $25 for a personalized photo to your order.

Videos start at $50 per your order. 

Let me know what you want and I will give you anactual price.

Looking for Uncensored Chats with me?

Not wanting to do a subscription to a "fans" site and still have access to my hottest posts, completely uncensored and not checked by bots.

I am now doing uncensored full XXX posts/chats on Snapchat and by Facebook Messenger.
To be a part of this, the minimum donations are below.   Of course, you may always donate more and make me an incredibly happy girl, and when I am happy, you know you will be too.

Choose either Snapchat or Facebook     
$30 for 6 months  $50 for 1 year.   $100 for Lifetime.

Get both Snapchat and Facebook     
$40 for 6 months   $75 for 1 year  $120 for Lifetime

I take the following forms of donations.  




Amazon Gift Card

Facebook direct pay

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