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Are there any real Hotwives?

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

I received an email the other day and wanted to share this with my readers.

Hi tara

In as much you love what you are doing,i think you need to know that your lifestyle is affecting some of us especially single men, i think you have created this reality that has become impossible for some single guys, You are doing more damage to some of us. It has been more than a year I discovered you. And because of you, I decided that I will marry an hotwife that will have affairs with many men, while i remain a cuckold, but up till now, I have not been able to get any hotwife. now i am getting depressed. this is what you have created. probably there is no hotwife out there for single, You are just using us, making money and creating this fantasy for single that is not real. This is unfair 


Hello John, 

I received your email the other day and wanted to think about it before shooting off an answer.   First, I am very real.  I do know what guys are looking for and I provide a fantasy version of that online.  But offline,  I am in fact a real hotwife,  I do fuck other men.  I prefer black men.  My husband and I practice many different forms of hotwifing.  He has been a cuck, and he also has been my Dom.  I actually like being submissive to him.    He has worn a cock cage when we go out sometime.  And then there are times we go out, he is dom and I am in cuffs and collar.    Lately, this is more the case.

You mention that you cannot find a hotwife.   Of course you can't, Hotwives like me are already taken.  You won't find a "hotwife" ready to go.  You are going to have to create your own hotwife.    HOw do you do that?  you ask.   You are going to have to be in a relationship with a woman that is open minded.  Women are not born to be hotwifes.  We evolve into them.    You need to have a girlfriend or wife that does not have a problem being sexy.  From there,  then you introduce her to the lifestyle.  Either she accepts it and as part of your relationship agrees to it, or she is revolted by it and wants nothing to do with it.  If the later is the case, then you need to decide to accept it and live without the hotwife you desire, or end the relationship and try again.    That is what my husband did.   He was married to a non sexual woman and when we got together we both realized we were kinky and he turned me on to sex with other men and it just evolved to what it is today.  

I hope you find that right woman that can accept your needs and is willing to be the hotwife you want.


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