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Covid BS is over, Let's have fun

Wow, I am so tired of this Covid bullshit. I am glad I live in Florida where our Governor kept his sanity. And I am ready to party.

Friday, June 25, 2021 I am headed to my first BBC gangbang in about a year. I am so ready to get filled with strange cock after cock. I set this to all members to see. VIP members, if you want to know the exact location, just message me. Make sure your VIP status is up to date. Tonight I am trying on what I want to wear. Hubby laughed and said why am I worried what I will wear. within a few minutes after I get there, I know I will be naked on my knees sucking cock and getting stuffed from in all holes. I did promise to be a good slut and not say no to any guy who wants to fuck me Friday night.

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Sure does look yummy

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