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Meeting a fan at local pub

Wow, what a Wednesday night. I got a booking request from a fan who wanted to have me dress in a really sexy outfit and be an exhibitionist in public. Well, I found one my shortest mini skirts and see thru white top and of course my high heels and had hubby drive me to the local pub to meet. It was fairly quite on a Wednesday night, so sitting at the front of the pub work out well. There were other patrons around having their beers. So James ordered me a margarita and started feeling me up right there in front of the other guys in the bar. He made a game of dropping $20's on the floor and I made a show of standing up, then bending over slowly and picking it up. After a few times his cock was poking out from his shorts, so I took a little longer on the way up to pay attention to it. After a couple times, he ask me to stand up and remove my panties in front of the others. It was embarrassing but fun. Then he produced a metal jeweled butt plug and inserted it at the bar which I wore the rest of the evening. Overall, James enjoyed a great time and he plans on booking me again soon.

If you are interested in booking me for drinks, go to my "Book Me" tab.

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