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No more pants. Skirts and shorts at all times is my new requirement.

Wow. How things change in life. My Daddy/Dom has recently decided that I am to no longer wear long pants. My dress code now is shorts or skirts, always bare legged. SO now I really have to keep up with my tanning and making sure my legs are always on point. Also, new is no more flats in public. Always at least a 2 inch heel for everyday wear. I do have some exceptions though. Since we are bikers, when riding the bike, I am to dress for safety, so jeans and motorcycle boots are required. And if the weather is really bad, I can wear jeans out but first get permission. It's sorta a shock getting used to the new rules, but I really do love it. He is having me dress more provocatively in public on a daily basis now. For example, I used to wear lifestyle shirts like the QoS shirt in more private situations, Now, I have to wear them to shop for groceries.

This year is getting more interesting. Also, I am now having to do butt plug training. I never was a fan of the butt plugs, but Daddy has me doing training daily now. As a requirement, I have to have a butt plug with me at all times when I am out. He can call and instruct me to insert a plug at any time, so I have to be ready. Nothing like standing in line then getting the order to insert and have 60 seconds to do so. Training is interesting. More to come.

Tell me what you think about my new No Pants rule and the butt plug training.

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