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OnlyFans vs Loyal Fans

Hey guys. I have been on OnlyFans for about a year with a paid subscription page. And in November I started a free OnlyFans page that just relied on tips to keep it going. Last week OnlyFans notified me that many of my posts were going to be deleted for not meeting their terms of service. Specifically. I had to be more careful on showing faces on my sex videos. And the real problem is that most of my outdoor shoots are considered public nudity and are not going to be allowed. Wow, that is the bulk of my post. I love being an exhibitionist and being in areas where guys can see my tits in public. That gets me off. I am not so much of a paid model on a set type of gal. I like my content to be totally real, not staged.

SO, I am going to try Loyal Fans again. I have an account there but was really focusing on the onlyfans accounts. I am starting to post more to LoyalFans now and will have the basic subscription as free. (Hey, Free means i do expect a tip every now and then.) And I will have a premium plan that is about $5 or so. SO, check it out. and let me know what you think.

I am still going to expand my primary site . This my personal site where I don't answer to any FB rules, or Onlyfan rules or anyone. So if you haven't joined my personal site please do. It is free to join and get updates, a special Members Only Gallery and Videos.

Sorry for so long. But just wanted to give you an update.

Kisses, Tara

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