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Public Panty Sale

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Hey guys, I wanted to give you an update on something new I am offering. I get a lot of guys that ask about buying my panties. Well, Normally, I will sell them online and mail them to the buyer.  But I had a gentleman ask if he could buy them in person and take them off in public.   Wow, that request actually made me wet, so I agreed to meet him.    He was married, so he had limited time and wanted to just meet at a local gas station. So yesterday, I drove about 50 miles into Tampa and was told to look for a silver Toyota Tundra pickup.   "Tom" had ask me to wear my short blue jean mini skirt and a see thru top. So I did. I walked up to the driver's side of the truck and Tom was there. He was shy but loved to watch women be daring in public.  He asked me to go to the front of the store and wait till a group of guys came by. So, I walked to the store front and in just a minute a group of construction workers stopped in their truck and was going in for snacks and drinks. I smiled at them and I could see Tom watching in the background. I bent over facing away and started taking off my panties. I was about to lose my balance when a tall black construction worker reached out to steady me. I finished removing my panties and stood there with them in my hand briefly talking to the guys. As I was talking I felt the black guys hand slide down my backside and cup my bare ass. Well, as much as I wanted to have fun, I had to get my panties to my customer.  Tom was sitting in his truck with his cock out stroking it as I approached.  I put my panties to his face and asked if he liked the show. His cock was throbbing. so i reached in and within a couple of strokes he shot his load. He paid me for my panties and he drove off. So there I was, no panties, wet pussy and my construction guys had gone. I drove home playing with my wet pussy all the way. And when hubby got home that evening, he had to fuck me extra hard.   Well, I have decided to make this offer on a regular basis now. If you want to meet me live in a public place to buy my panties. Just let me know... Pictures available on

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