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Veteran Application for discounted or free OnlyFans Subscription

Do you have a current OnlyFans Account?
No, I do not have an OnlyFans account.   STOP HERE

Follow these instructions.  Go to and create a free account.  Be sure and add a wallet option and put a few bucks in your wallet to use for tips.    Think of it as going to a strip club and cashing in a 20 fo 20 one-dollar bills.  They are still yours, they are in your wallet, and you can use this to tip.


Your request has been sent.  Tara will get your request and get back with you shortly.   Watch your email for a link to receive a 1 year free membership to Tara's OnlyFans Page.   You will need to create an account on onlyfans (for free) to activate Tara's page.   Please click on the American Flag at the top of this page to view Tara's Veteran Thank you Page.

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