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Hotwife Couple's are NOT traditional Swingers.


It is a sub-part of the swinging scene. Not to be confused with traditional swinger couples where both partners play.   To be exact. A hotwife is the wife/partner to a cuckold or stag husband.  Only the wife plays, the husband does not play with others.

The hotwife lifestyle means that she has the acceptance and encouragement from her partner/husband to enjoy extra marital sexual activities with one or more partners outside of the relationship they are in.  Also in my definition, the husband or boyfriend DOES NOT play, or date any other females.

I have found that a Hotwife is usually straight and avoids couples.  The wife in a traditional swinging couple is usually bi.  The swinging couples usually are into very social activity other than sex with other couples.  A Hotwife couple, usually it's only the wife that is the active partner and the husband takes a very minor role or even (like in my case) rarely is known about or even around.  I basically play as if I am single.  It's about the sex with me, I/we rarely mix social events and sex together.  We do however enjoy meeting other hotwife couples such as ourselves. 

I have found that most hotwives are into interracial sex.  (Yes, that means I am into BBC.)  Some HW couples really get into the IR play with submission, breeding and male forced bi.  That is beyond my limits. I just like the naughtyness of a white wife with a black man.  Being born in the South, that may be why.

There is a widespread misinterpretation of hotwife when she gets referred to as cheating. This is not the case. Cheating means that she is doing this without her husband or partner knowing. Hotwifes do this with full acknowledgement and loving support from the husbands/partners.  Although I do add the cheating element as part of my husbands love of the unknown, feeling teased, and wondering if I have cheated.  Sometimes he knows, sometimes he does not if I am cheating.


What the FUCK is a HOTWIFE???

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