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Tara's FAQ page


My Wicked Wish List


Most asked questions about me

  • I am in my 50's

  • I live in Central Florida, north of Tampa.

  • I am married, straight, and date single men.

  • I am in the hotwife lifestyle, but am not a swinger.

  • I am 5 ft, 6 in.  Weight:  150 ish

  • My boob size is 38DD+   Blonde hair

  • I am Straight.  I am not Bi.  And I am not in to couples.


  • How can I support or donate to you? Click Here

  • Can I have sex with you if I become a subscriber to Tara's Onlyfans or webpage?  This is one of the of the most questions I get.  Click here for my full answer.   

  • What the hell is the Hotwife lifestyle about? A hotwife is a married woman who has sexual relationships outside of her marriage, with the full knowledge and consent of her husband.  Read More

  • Do you cheat on your husband?    Yes and No.  I have written in detail about both of these. - Click Here

  • Do you do porn for a living?  No, I am an insurance agent. (semi retired) But don't ask me to write you a policy.  I keep my personal/professional life separate from my hotwife life.

  • Can I pay to get a date with you?  No, I am not an escort, and I do not sell sexual favors

  • Can we meet to shoot content together?  I am not a pro porn star.  If I start having sex just to make content, then I will be a pro porn girl and start doing this for a job.  That takes all the fun out of it.  My videos are homemade quality, I like to keep it real and spontaneous.

  • Are you a Nudist?   No. but I am an exhibitionist.

  • Are you a model?    LOL, oh heck no. I am not a pro model. Just a normal wife who loves to dress sexy and is an exhibitionist. Truthfully, I am quite shy when it comes to having my picture made.

  • Are you BBC only?   No.  If I am at a club and a hot guy gets me going, then it does not matter.

  • Would you do a professional photo shoot if asked?  Yes, I would do that from a pro photographer who has experience in erotic Penthouse style shoots.  If you want to donate a professional session, contact me with your credentials.

  • Are you really a biker babe?  I do ride on back of our Harley Road Glide.  We are based in central Florida and do the Florida rallies.  But my true love is cross country riding out west for weeks at a time.   So, I guess you can consider me a biker babe, But no tattoos

  • Are you political?  I am libertarian/MAGA in my politics, and I can be outspoken.  I detest political correctness and wokeness.  My pronouns are... If you have to ask, get the hell away from me.

  • Can I see Free Pics?  Yes, I have some available on this website. Check the page menu for Videos/Pics

  • Do you have XXX pics or videos?  Yes, if you are a member of one of my Fan Clubs.   You will have access to them on OnlyFans, PornHub, Xhamster, and other sites.  

  • Are you on PornHub and other XXX video sites?    Yes, I have videos on PornHub, XHamster, and other sites.

  • How much money do you make off of your sites?  Well, I am not a pro that makes a living on just XXX sites.  I love what I do and any funds I make go to helping me keep the pages going and help with cost of my Hotwife Adventures.  

  • Will do video chat? Only if you have reached VIP status.  Meaning long time OnlyFan member or a high tipper.

  • Do you have any secret pages on this site for Veterans?   Yes, look for the American Flag.

  • Can you cook?  Honey, Are you kidding? I was born and raised in Louisiana. I am an excellent cook.  I specialize in Cajun style dishes.  And I always make my man's plate, like a proper southern wife should.

  • Do you care if a man is married and hits on you?  Not at all.  If his wife is not doing her job, then married guys will look for it.  I think it's hot to cheat. I like to cheat on my husband. (but he is cool with it)

  • Still didn't answer your question?  Message me with your direct question.  

  Do you want to Chat with me??

Due to the overwhelming chat requests I get every day.  I limit my ongoing chats to only subscribers of my fan sites 
Patreons, OnlyFans,  Or I can do a non subscribition special deal.  Check my menu for this. 
How Much?
Non sexual chat is free but site members are priority.   Sexting in any form you will need to be a active subscriber or choose from my menu.

I will be happy to answer a couple of questions from you.  BUT if you want to chat every day or continue to send messages.  I will only do that if you are an active member of one of my sites. Or make a donation.  I have only so much time, so I give that to my members first. 
View Chat Tips/Rules

If you want to become a member, use one of the yellow buttons below.  Message me thru that website and I will add you to my chat list friends.

If you are not interested in chatting with me or becoming a member then select the blue button below and enjoy some free stuff as my thank you for reading my page.


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